Focus on what is really important..
And let me take care of the rest!

I AM here to help!

Are your administration, household tasks, and daily worries taking over your time management control? Are you not able to grow your business because you get caught up with all ‘all the little stuff’? Or have you not been able to start with that new hobby because you spent your free time arranging life? It is time to hire a personal assistant!

Call me!

How Does it work?

1. Intake

When you are interested in my service or if you would like to know what else I can do for you and your business, schedule a virtual Meet & Greet. This way we can check if my services suit your needs and what package would be interesting for you

2. Scope of works

After the meet & greet you will receive an overview of our conversation and I will provide a clear scope of works, based on your needs and the input from our intake. The scope of works will be the basics of our collaboration.

3. Let’s get started!

Once the scope of works has been approved, it is time to get started! I will keep you updated weekly and after the first fortnight, there will be a virtual catch-up with me. In this fortnightly catch-up, we will discuss progression and there is room to review the scope of works.

” Strive not to get more done, but to have less to do”

What are you waiting for?

Let’s connect and get started!